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Mouse + Magpie


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Tide Pool Party

I LOVE this collection! This is the most adorable children's bathroom set I have ever seen! PLEASE produce more of this artist's work! Her imagination and ability to bring life to the scenes she creates is incredible. I will definitely be buying more of this artist's creations. I cannot wait for my grandchildren to see my bathroom now that it is decorated with Maura Stockton Wang's characters and scenery! Thank you, Mouse and Magpie for making this available!

A solid lamp that's not overbearing and looks great in my daughter's room

Bought this for my little girl's unicorn-themed room and have to say, this is not a flimsy lamp! It has a great weight to it which means it doesn't slide off her nightstand like her previous one from the big box stores did. But it's not bulky and fits in with her white furniture nicely. The design we picked looks great and is my personal favorite piece that I bought from the site.

High quality clock really brings the room together

I purchased this clock as an accent piece for my daughter's unicorn-themed room. It's made of high quality material with a great design. The design is matte, not glossy which I like - adding a high-end feel to the piece - and now hangs perfectly on her wall.

Super high quality pillow and lovely print

I got this for my daughter's bedroom and have to say that this pillow is a lot nicer than the ones that my wife and I use in our room! The pillow has a great heft to it, without being too heavy, and the design is on a strong but soft fabric. High end stuff at an affordable price.

Lovely frame for a lovely print

My daughter's room has white furniture, so we opted for the small white frame. The size is generous and now takes up a place of honor in her well. If you're considering a custom frame, you may want to just buy the print separately, but I am so glad I opted to have the piece framed by the company as it turned out perfect and was well worth the difference in price.

My daughter adores her blanket

The product picture does not do the product justice. This is an extremely high quality blanket that is slippery smooth to the touch and cozy. My daughter absolutely adores the design we chose for her as well as the snuggliness. After a week of travelling with it (it holds up really well), we like to display it on her bed as an accent piece to go with the rest of her room.

Gorgeous print adds great pop of color to my daughter's room

The quality of the print I received was very high quality. The illustrator's design pops right off the surface.

Beautiful Collection!

I bought the entire Secrets of the Garden Collection. The pictures and colors are vibrant and beautiful. The lamp is very well made. The base is heavy so it will not topple over. The wall picture is framed and matted and compliments the other pieces. My favorite piece is the blanket. It is the softest blanket and the stitching is perfect all around, as is the pillow. The entire blanket has the collection theme printed on it. Washes very well too. I’m very happy with all the items in this collection and would highly recommend them.

The Perfect Gift

I purchased the blanket for a friend of mine who just had a baby girl. I thought it would make the perfect gift! I was right! What beautiful quality! The colors were so vibrant and the softness of the blanket was so perfect for a newborn! My nine year old daughter fell in love with the blanket as well, so I had to get her one too! After a wash, it was even fluffier and more cozy! I highly recommend this for a gift at any age or for yourself!

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